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Megaupload what is Going on with are Freedom shouting down websites Bull Crap !!***********

posted Feb 09, 2012 22:40:06 by SUNOFSOLAR
What is Going on Goverment shouting Down websites this is Bull crap
The Internet is a Place to feel free from the Bound of Goverment like Being in Sopace
No land of USA or state or any country the internet the web is thre wifi wireless not to any land
Not owned By Goverment or any one Buiness But the Goverment Can Shout you Down Screw them

This is Getting out Of hand and they Dont Have any right to do anything thay dont have
This is another web site sized By are fine Goverment Just Bull crap Screw thr Goverment That is Not Freedome and you Dont own the internet!!

The website Gain more Jobs then worrying about sharing Files
if i Buy something i will share it How i feel i own it!!! If a Video store or red Box
Buys a Video they share it But even more the share it and Make Money, on a file share they are sharing for Free that is a freedom !!! if i buy a tool and the naboor needs to use it what do i say
sorry i cant share MY TOOL The co. and Goverment sayed i cant share something for free its realy not My tool WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GOING ON,, tHE BOOK STORES AND libraies Have been doing this for Years!! I need your in put on this Plese Join the Forum and let me Know what you Think of this Crap

Let me Know what you think
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